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A.James Lloyd, an American Artist

Birds and animals in the wild are Jim Lloyd's inspiration to create stunning portraits of nature. The fine detail that Lloyd achieves in his transparent watercolors sets them apart from most and has brought in recognition in the wildlife art field. Jim Lloyd's watercolor paintings have been chosen several times for inclusion in the international "Birds in Art" exhibits sponsored annually by The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Lloyd's ability to paint the character of a basking cougar or to capture the personality of an irate goose is the result of his own love for the outdoors and animals. His sensitivity to nature's creatures and his meticulous use of watercolors gives Lloyd's painitngs a special dimension through which you can feel the spirits of the animals depicted.

"Animals are individuals" says Lloyd. "Each has its own personality and facial expressions, the same as people."

Jim attributes the appeal of his work to its exacting detail. "I've always considered my work to be very masculine. However I've received favorable response from both men and women."

Jim paints from his internal feelings. "Generally I see something, a scene, for a split second. Then I try to recreate the scene from memory. Photographs are helpful, but for me they don't really capture the moment. In that split second the lighting, the pose, everything can change."


Jim Lloyd, (aka A James Lloyd, Arthur James Lloyd, A J Lloyd), was born in Oak Park, Illinois. Jim Lloyd has never questioned his abilities as an artist, he never had the chance.

Art was such an inherent part of Jim's upbringing, that he can't recall a time when he wasn't practicing his craft. His father, who instructed art classes in their hometown of Oak Park, Illinois, encouraged Jim at an early age. (..more bio info)

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